Why I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

Why I moved from blogger3 If you’re like me, you’ve been blogging for a long time, and might still be using a free format and template that really doesn’t show off the quality of content you provide your readers. I blogged with Blogger since 2007, and boy, have things changed! Blogs are not just online diaries for chronicling your daily misadventures or current projects. Blogs are now multimedia platforms that can enhance your personal brand, promote your business, or even become a business within itself.

Because I was ready to expand my blog beyond simply posting my personal craft projects, I decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress.org. There are many advantages to making this transition, which I want to highlight for you in this post. Blogging is not what it used to be, and I hope what I share with you is informative and valuable.

Benefits of Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Aesthetics. WordPress sites have a more polished and professional look, and this is crucial to creating legitimacy and an established brand and online presence. The look and feel of your blog relates right back to themes and plug-ins.  With WordPress, there are thousands of available templates, some free and some for a fee. A WordPress theme can be run from very basic to a complex multimedia eCommerce site. With a little bit of CSS knowledge, you can customize a WordPress site, and make it all your own.

Expandability. Because WordPress is an open-source platform, you have the option to expand the functionality of your blog via plug-ins. Plug-ins can help you track your site statistics, create contact and subscription forms, and help you manage your images.

SEO Optimization. Searchability is a crucial aspect to making sure people can find your blog and all of its wonderful content. WordPress makes it easy for you to increase your web presence and be found by desired readers, subscribers, and customers.

Control. With a WordPress site, you have a great deal of control over the format and design of your blog or website. When I was on Blogger, I didn’t really have much control over the look and function of my blog, besides some tacky themes floating around the internet.  My blog Krustallos chronicled my sewing projects and crafting ventures. It was a lot of fun to set up and showcase my creations. However, apart from the content, I was not really able to customize and control the form and function of my blog. WordPress allows me to create not only blog posts, but static pages as well. So if you want to place information on your blog that will remain the same with the occasional update, the option of creating static pages should suit your needs.

What’s the next Step?

WordPress offers many options for the novice and seasoned blogger alike. In my next post I will guide you step-by-step to migrating your Blogger site to a WordPress.org platform and share some information about my preferred webhost SiteGround  

As always, be blessed!

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    1. Hi, Andrew. Thanks for stopping by! Actually, moving from Blogger to WordPress was the easy part. Setting up WordPress took some time, and the learning curve was more than I expected. But it’s coming along, and I’m definitely a WordPress fan.

  1. HI..Pirouette?

    We used to blog chat back in ’08. I fell in love with blogging and so excited to be doing more with it. Thanks for sharing this..I’m considering moving from blogger to wordpress. I just got spoiled b/c blogger is so easy for me. Maybe you remember me? I want to do a linky party/blog hop! Let’s hook up.

    1. Hi, Jen! Yes, I used to go by Pirouette. Did you frequent Pattern Review by any chance? It’s great to reconnect with you. I see you have a wellness blog. That’s great. WordPress is awesome, and I highly recommend switching over–check out the link to SiteGround at the end of the post! My post on how to switch over will be up soon. Link party sounds fun!

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