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Tea Time!

Are there any other tea aficionados out there besides myself? Well, if so, I have the cutest craft for you.

I went to a tea room last Saturday, and they had the cutest tea wallets, a trifold with six pockets for each tea bag. I thought about buying it, but the store wanted $12 for it. However, I thought I would try my hand at making it myself.

So I scoured the internet looking for a pattern for a tea wallet. I must have put in the in the wrong search criteria, because I couldn’t for the life of me find what I was looking for. I searched “tea holder” and got all kinds of results that didn’t really meet my needs.

But I finally lucked up upon the term “tea wallet” and found this:

It is designed by Annelise Pitt, owner of Thistledown Cozies. If you wish to buy Ms. Pitt’s tea wallets or other tea accessories, you may purchase them at the Thistledown Cozies website.

However I couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere to make this kind of tea wallet. I found tutorials that fit one, two, or four tea bags, but not six. So I devised my own pattern, based off of the above model, and came up with this:

Thank you all for your feedback! I will try to post the tutorial by this weekend.

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  1. You didn’t hear me gasp all the way from Austin, Texas, did you? YES, I am a tea freak and could use something like this when we take road trips (rare as they are these days because of gas prices). What a unique post! Thank you!

  2. Cute indeed. I immediately thought of making this as a gift too for a friend who has to take her own tea with her all the time as a consequence of a illness. So looking forward to your tutorial too.

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