SWAP Update #2

Here is another update of my SWAP progress.

Simplicity 3686 Redux
Tropical weight worsted wool lined with a matte polyester lining fabric

This is my second time ever making pants with a fly front, and I thought the instructions on how to construct the fly front were good. Based on my hip measurements, I made a 12. The fit was perfect for my waist. Going back and thinking of the construction of the fly front, I’d say that the trickiest part was getting the right zipper length. In my first attempt with my first pants, I broke the zipper after testing its security. Obviously, it was not very secure. So this time, I tied off the zipper with a thick enough stitch. I adjusted the placement of the stitches until I reached my desired length. I wanted to be sure that I didn’t stitch over the zipper teeth. The instructions tell you to place the zipper ¼” away from the large dot at the fly, so you have to tie the zipper off a little higher, but not too low that it can come undone.

If you look to the right on the sidebar, you will see a listing of what I’ve completed and what is still in the works. Up next is my McCall’s 5523 skirt in View D with the double flounce in the same tropical weight worsted wool (lined) as my pants. I will also be working on the Butterick 5101 top next in a cream colored semi-stretch knit. I was originally going to use this fabric to make another McCall’s top like the one I just reviewed, but the fabric did not have enough stretch to pull it off. So I switched gears and decided to go with the short-sleeved version of B5101, because it’s all I had enough fabric for.

I tried on all of my garments so far to see if the versatility was working. I didn’t realize the top was going to have such a tomato-ish color to it (I bought the fabric online). I was imagining it would be a little more on the maroon side, but I’m pleased with the results and think it goes well with the rest of my garments. Another thing I realized is that accessories, like jewelry, really help tie an outfit together.

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