SWAP Update #1

Well, here is it, so far! 2 out of 11 completed. Please don’t tell me I look like I’m wearing pajamas!

The pants are a little more bulky in the waist than I imagined they would be. I guess that’s because of the thickness of the tweed. One thing is for sure, this outfit is nice and warm, perfect for North Carolina’s cool, but not very cold, winters. I love this look with my boots, which have been sitting up in my closet for a couple of years.

I’m so happy to have made some “real” pants, and not just the elastic waisted ones I’ve made in the past.

Next up is my other pair of pants and a skirt in tropical weight, brown wool, which I will most likely line. I didn’t realize how thin the fabric would be.

Be blessed!

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  1. Yay another fab Simplicity 3631 set! I LOVE it. I am with you on the making only one though. LOL I made mine in brown, and although it is lovely — I think only one is needed for my wardrobe. I LOVE the pants. I am going to have to scroll down and see what pattern you used! I give it 2 thumbs up!

  2. I saw the pictures on PR and scurried over to your blog to check it out. I like your jacket and can’t wait to see it with the tropical wool pants. I think the contrast will make this jacket shine more than the tone-on-tone thing happening with both pieces right now. You did a great job and I know you must be soooo proud of yourself for getting your first pair of zipper front pants made!

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