Fall-Winter 2009 Wardrobe

SWAP Final Update

Way back in October 2007, inspired by an article posted on Timmel Fabrics website (based on an article in Australian Stitches), and after seeing many other seamstresses compose their own SWAPs, I decided to embark on this fun adventure of building my wardrobe.

I wanted to create a functional work wardrobe where all of garments coordinated with one another. The color palette I chose consisted of neutral and earthy tones with a splash of color: beige, brown, rust, and red.

What I have learned during this time while constructing my SWAP?

1. Tweed likes to unravel. One should use some seam tape to reinforce the seams on an unlined tweed garment.

2. You can’t always trust online fabric stores for truly representing the color of your fabric. Case and point is my McCall’s 5471 top. It looked brown on the website, but in real life, it has a silver undertone to it, and did not coordinate well with my McCall’s 4924 skirt.

3. I am capable of making pants with a fly front!

4. It really is helpful to construct your wardrobe out of simple, tried-and-true patterns so you don’t get bogged down with fitting issues. For example, the New Look 6735 and the McCall’s 5533 tops were very easy to construct (they only had 3-4 pattern pieces), and they fit just right. They are my favorite tops out of the whole wardrobe, and I wear them very often.

With all that said, I want to thank all of you who have visited my blog since I started the project and encouraged me along the way. You all make this a great cyber sewing community!

All 48 SWAP Combinations!

Butterick 5101 Top
Kwik Sew 3199 Top
McCall’s 4924 Skirt
McCall’s 5471 Top
McCall’s 5523 Skirt
McCall’s 5533 Top
New Look 6735 Tops (2)
Simplicity 3631 Jacket
Simplicity 3686 Pants (tweed and worsted wool)

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  1. Ohmygosh, I thought I left you a comment about this amazing wardrobe and see that I haven’t! I LOVE that you took pictures of all 48 combinations! It proves that SWAP really works! And I know you must be sooooo thrilled to have the pieces all completed and in your wardrobe. You did a fantastic job!

  2. Wow is all I can say. You achieved a great wardrobe in the true spirit of sewing with a plan. I love the style you chose and the colors are so soothing and classy.

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