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Review | Simplicity 2812 Mini Coat

This is my second time making a coat from this pattern. Two years ago I made the jacket from this pattern. The differences this time around is that I chose the shawl collar and the above-knee-length of the coat. This particular variation includes belts for the waist and sleeves.

PatternSimplicity 2812
Fabric: Plaid wool-blend coating
Notions: Five 1″ buttons, One 1-11/16″ x 1-15/16″ buckle, and 2 1-7/16″ x 1-11/16″ buckles from

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern and pretty much followed the directions to the tee.  I skipped the dropped lining at the bottom of the coat and just made an even hem.  I couldn’t figure it out when I made the jacket, and I didn’t feel like messing with it this time.  I had planned to add some fusible fleece to the lining, but I thought it would make the coat, with its already thick fabric, too bulky.  Now I kind of wish I had added the fusible fleece to the back pieces, but it’s done now.  I’ll just wear sweaters underneath it.  Oh, I also sewed on snaps instead of making buttonholes.  The fabric was too thick for my buttonhole function to work, and I couldn’t stomach the idea of handsewing them.  My mother suggested snaps, and I say that was a brilliant solution.  Mom to the rescue!  I sewed the buttons on top for the look of it. Pictures are below.  Next up:  some new work outfits.

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