Review | New Look 6735 Top

Pattern: New Look 6735 Top

Pattern Description: Three-quarter length sleeve t-shirt with a center back seam; sized for stretch knits

Fabric: Cranberry and brown stretch jersey (97% Cotton, 3% Lycra) from Fashion Fabrics Club.

Notions: Thread and bias binding

Overall: This is a great pattern for a beginning sewist or for building your wardrobe. I made a size 10 (instead of my usual 12), and recommend you make the top a size smaller than the pattern indicates. It seems to run a little big.

Construction: The shirt has a center back seam, which I eliminated when I made my dance dress. This time, I decided to keep the back seam in, because I thought it might affect the fit in the lower back, especially if you are adjusting for a sway back. I don’t find the center seam too un”seam”ly, and if you press the seam really well, it looks fine.

I followed the directions and ease-stitched between the notches on front of the blouse and then joined the shoulder seams together, including bias binding to keep the shoulder from stretching. I skipped stitching the sides together and went ahead and inserted the neck band. The neck band may seem like a pain, but all of the notches matched up well, and you just have to remember to stitch 3/8″ from the edge. I used my serger throughout this process and serged the raw edge of the neck band and then turned it in, pressed it, and topstitched the band down from the outside. The finish looks very nice, neat, and RTW.

For the sleeves, I decided not to set them in as the instructions tell you. Before I stitched the sleeve cap in, I sergered the edge of the sleeve, turned up the hem and topstitched twice–the stitches were 1/4″ apart. Once I eased sleeve cap, I sewed it to the shoulder flat and then sewed one seam from the sleeve edge all the way to the hem. I think sewing the sleeve in flat helped eliminate the puckering I usually get from easing the sleeve cap.

I hemmed the shirt the same way as the sleeves by serging the raw edge, turning up the hem allowance, and stitching twice around, the stitches being 1/4″ apart.

This is a cute, simple top that can add to your casual or work wardrobe.

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  1. I can’t remember how I found your blog either, but I really do enjoy your blog. Heard your interview with Adrienne – Great! I really do like this New Look top. I needed something easy to put together to pull some things together in my wardrobe. I can really work the pants I have if I have more knit tops. They are quick!
    I love flat sleeve applications the best. I put all my sleeves in this way if I can…you are right, it does eliminate puckering at the sleeve cap. Why do I always feel like I’m cheating when I do them this way rather than fitting them in as the pattern calls for? I love the way you top stitched the sleeve and bottom hems, I have been doing mine the same way except my rows of stitching are further apart. I like yours better and will stitch mine just 1/4″ apart on the next one. I did think the neckline was just a tad bit low (for me). I’m not very busty so maybe that makes a difference. For the next one I’m trying to raise it just a smidge. Also the neck band was very small – maybe my seam there was too wide (large). Thinking about cutting the band just a little wider next time.
    I just need more TNT patterns and I think this one will be a TNT. Something I can do quick and easy. I like it so much that I have a new appreciation for New Look.

  2. This is a really cute top on you! I always use a center back seam on tops, I just find that I get a better fit with more seams especially a center back seam. This is really cute on you! You are moving right along with your SWAP sewing!

  3. If Piroutte, I do my own designs, patterns, etc.. I am glad you like my last jacket, really. And if one day you need some of my patterns, I will send to you without any problem. Your available and many thanks. A big hug, Paco

  4. You did a fantastic job! I think the tip of sewing sleeves in flat is a good one. I am going to have to buy this pattern since I am an intermediate beginner sewist. It will be a good one for me.

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