Review | McCall’s 5533 Women’s Day Collection Top

Pattern:McCall’s 5533 Women’s Day Collection Top

Pattern Description: Close-fitting top where front is gathered into the side seam. It comes in sizes 6-20.

Fabric: Rust-colored four-way stretch knit from Fashion Fabrics Club.

Notions: Thread

Overall: The instructions were very easy to follow, even though I messed them up at first by trying to attached the gathered edges to right underneath the arm pit. Once I basted the back and front pieces together I knew something wasn’t right. The right front piece crossed over the bust, not under. Not a good look! That’s why marking your fabric is so important. I forgot to mark the dots where the gathered edge was actually supposed to be, but this was easy to correct. Another thing to think about is when using your serger, which I did on this top, make sure that the threads are secured between the tension discs. The tension was set, but the thread was not in there securely, so my seams pulled loose almost immediately. I took the top in about 2-1/2 inches to eliminate the gaping and create a snugger fit. Also the instructions tell you to sew “invisibly” at the bottom for the hem. I had no idea what that meant, and just sewed a hem the way I usually do by serging the edge, turning the bottom up an inch, and machine stitching the hem into place.

This pattern is very easy to put together. There are only three pattern pieces to cut out. No buttons, zippers, darts, or tucks. I wanted an easy shirt pattern for my SWAP. However, I didn’t like the fact that the ease in the shirt is enormous. If you want a snug fit, then you may have to go down at least two sizes. I went by my bust size and sewed a 12, but I should have done a 10 at the most, or even an 8 for a snug fit.

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