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Pattern: Butterick 5505 View B

Description: Triangular-shaped, lined backpack, with an outside pocket.

Size: 16″ x 15″

Fabric: Faux alligator skin from Joann’s

This backpack is another UFO from the fall of 2010. There were some challenges in constructing this backpack.

For starters, the faux alligator skin is slick, so that made marking the fabric difficult. I used chalk, but the marks kept getting rubbed off, so I was constantly remarking the fabric. Also, the this fabric is thick, meant for home decor and such. I broke two needles during the whole process, one hand sewing needled, and the other a leather machine needle.

Other aspects that made this a challenging sew were setting the right tension for the thread and actually using the right thread! I had to set the machine tension to 8 or 9. Also, the upholstery thread did not cooperate with my machine, so I switched to Dual Duty XP Heavy Thread, which is just a thicker version of the regular polyester thread, but it worked much better and made all of the difference.

For the strap, your supposed to cut that piece on the fold, but I did not have enough length on my fabric to do that, so I just two pieces with that added seam allowance. It’s bulky at that seam, but it was to be expected considering the nature of the fabric.

The welt zipper went in okay, but the longer zipper was a nightmare. So was inserting the tab with the D-ring. Let’s just say there were lots of seam ripping and finagling going on to make it work. But make it work, I did!

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