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Poll: SWAP-er or Spontaneous Sewist?

I tried to do this poll in my side bar, but it didn’t work out well.

So I want to ask you wonderful fashionistas who frequent this blog, which describes your sewing habits the best and why?

1. I’m a SWAP-er all the way!
2. I like to do a mixture of both.
3. I can’t be tied down to a sewing plan.

I can think of arguments for both. Personally, I love structure, and I like having a plan in front of me to reference so I reach my sewing goals and don’t get off track. On the other hand, it’s nice to sew up a special garment that is not connected to any other garment in particular. Maybe I just want to try out a new pattern or technique, or I can clearly visualize the garment I want to make.

So, what say you? 😉

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  1. I am mostly #2. I am currently sewing with a plan or at least I know what I want to sew next which includes three garments with fabric purchased years ago. So that is a plan. But I could as easily get side tracked and start down a different path.

  2. I sewed my first swap last summer and I loved having a whole wardrobe to mix and match. That said, I like to do both. A swap can be confining, but it is focusing and I sew more with a plan than without.
    I am not sure if I have posted here before, but I have enjoyed checking in with your progress and seeing the great wardrobe you’ve built. Love seeing all the combinations you can make. Gee, that’s a lot of work weeks without repeating an outfit!

  3. I am a #3 person!I would love to do a swap, but I know I would not finish it because I would see something else I want to sew and would stop and make that.But I would come back to it later, I am not going to say how much later!HAHA

  4. I am a combination of both. For working folks swap is a great idea. It ensures that you have a working wardrobe and even if you are a stay at home person, i believe everyone should have a swap wardrobe, this way you always have pieces that work together. Once you have a foundation wardrobe, then you can sew anything that your heart desire.

  5. I like a little of both. I love the SWAP concept because it keeps me focused and I have a great finished product. I don’t like doing it all the time because I get burned out on the same theme/colors/idea. I move on to some random projects and then go back to my “plan”. Another bonus of the SWAP concept is the planning. Being type-A, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the planning stages like the storyboard, fabrics that coordinate, etc.

  6. Val, that’s not a weird question. I actually thought about doing that, putting all of my SWAP stuff together, but I decided against it. I just arrange my closet by type of garment and color. Is that too much information? 😉

  7. I was a spontaneous sewist only until recently and just turned a swaper. I guess in the future I’ll mix bits of both. I like the idea of building a wardrobe but I’d also need to be free and follow inspiration when it strikes ;o)

  8. I can’t say that I can’t be tied down to a sewing plan. I would love to be able to put something together like your wardrobe and have all those outfits to wear. I just can’t seem to get it together. I was wondering, do people that do these swaps keep each swap as a group in their closets? Maybe a weird question.

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