New New Looks and Burda Conversion

The Spring 2008 New Look patterns are now posted online.

I particularly like 6774, because you can mix and match a variety of bodices and skirts to get just the look you want. I bought this pattern last Friday with the intention of combining I, J, K, and M. This pattern has a myriad of possibilities, and I will be exploring many of them as soon as I complete my SWAP.

I also like 6778. Though it’s a simple shift dress, something about it just resonates with me. It looks like the perfect summer garment.

I have also half converted to Burda World of Fashion by buying a six-month subscription. Reading other people’s experiences with Burda was one factor in my conversion, but seeing the styles in the January 2008 issue is what really did it for me. Do you know how difficult it was to track down this issue? I unsuccessfully scoured eBay, two places that were selling this issue had sold out, I put in a want ad on Pattern Review, and finally a lady tipped me to Sew Baby. I put in my order today through Sew Baby and am crossing my fingers that I don’t get some email saying that they have sold out too!

I MUST make this blouse:

I really need this:

And this is too cute for words:

Of course, I will delve into ALL of these wonderful patterns AFTER I’m done with my SWAP. Yes, yes, after the SWAP is finished. Sigh…

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  1. Carol, thanks for your kindness! It just so happens that I received my 1-2008 Burda this weekend!

    Paco! Greetings from North Carolina! It’s always a pleasure to have you stop by! 🙂

    Lovely, I’ll let you know how my Burda adventure goes. I’m a little scared too! But excited about a new challenge.

  2. A lurker popping up to let you know that here in Australia we have only just gotten the December 07 BWOF. If you’re desperate and can’t get one there, I can get you a January copy when they come out next month. I have a permanent order at my newsagent and they will be happy to keep a few more. You can email me at

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