Crochet capelet

My New Obsession Hobby

Yeah, it’s been a minute.

So, I have taken up crocheting. It’s so funny. A few years ago, a friend tried to teach me to crochet. She helped me start a scarf. I worked on that scarf for two years and never finished it. I threw it out. I just didn’t have any interest in crocheting.

About a month ago, my Mom showed me a capelet she had made, and I loved it. Then she showed me how to make it. I was hooked, pun intended.

Here it is. I call it my “grandma capelet,” because it does look a bit matronly on me. But I wore it with this same top to work, and I thought it looked cute overall.

Here is my next project, a shrug. The only things left to finish are the armholes. I used Lionbrand’s Homespun yarn, and it’s so soft and fluffy. I can’t wait to wear this!

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