Getting my jewelry groove back

I’ve taken a “break” from sewing to focus some more on my jewelry and get it going again. I just received my lighting kit in the mail last week. I was so excited that I rushed home after work to open it up. I put the whole kit together with the light cube, and lights and snapped a few pictures before rushing off to my dance class.

What do you know that when I went to unscrew the bulb from the lamp, I broke it. A $12.95 bulb. I was a little bummed, but I ordered some more today. I made two necklaces last night, and I was so eager to take their pictures, but it will have to wait.

These are my Amber Drop Hoops, and they are a customer favorite. They are made from amber-colored glass beads and gold-colored tiger tail.

These, my b/f dubbed as “windchime” earrings. I loved the idea, and hence forth, I will start on a Windchime Earrings collection. All of the metal components are made of sterling silver. The beads are fresh water pearl and ametrine.

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