How Evernote Revolutionized My Writing

According to Wikipedia, Evernote is “a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving.” For me, Evernote is an extremely useful tool for organizing and composing blog posts. The way I use Evernote has taken struggle out of writing and has made it so easy for me to generate written content quickly and painlessly. I don’t know why I haven’t started using it sooner.

Gigantic Digital Notebook

Evernote is like a gigantic digital notebook. All of your most important notes can be stored in this application. The use of notebooks and tags make organization simple, so finding notes is easy, and you’re less likely to lose them. You can generate your own notes within the application or use the “Clip to Evernote” Chrome extension to save pages, links, and articles from the web and store them in your notebook for future reference.

Everywhere you Go
Evernote mobile
Evernote mobile app

Evernote is great because I can use it on my desktop, as a web app, and on my mobile device–and these devices can sync up together so that I never lose information from one place to the other. The fact that Evernote is a web app means I can still gain access to my notes on other computers.

Blog Planner

I use Evernote to organize my blog design, plan my blog posts, and save web clippings and images for later use. I have lots of projects in the works, and this site is only one of them. Currently, I am working on a design site and a dance site (yes, I dance, choreograph, and teach!). Evernote helps me keep all the projects organized by use of notebooks (e.g. Craft Notebook, Design Notebook, Dance Notebook, etc.). I use Evernote to keep different notes up all of my site planning. The screenshot below is an example of how I use Evernote to plan out my blog post series, gather supplemental information from the web, and collect graphics and pictures that I might possibly use.

Evernote web app helps me stay organized and syncs with desktop and mobile devices.
Dictation Machine

Here is the clincher. Evernote helped me overcome writer’s block. I use Evernote to dictate some of my blog posts instead of typing them out. Even though I have two English degrees, my current occupation doesn’t require the kind of rigorous research and verbiage that I was used to writing in school. Over the course of time, I became a bit–rusty. And writer’s block, along with losing some of my creative flow was the unfortunate result.

Getting  back into blogging uncovered the difficulty with typing out my thoughts and content because my editor/critic caused me to question everything I wrote. Due to some crazy circumstances–which is out the scope of this blog post–I had lost confidence in my writing ability. Constantly editing myself in my head, I could never get more than a few lines down at a time.

But now that I’m using Evernote, if I’m feeling stuck, I can simply dictate my thoughts without second-guessing myself. Once I’ve dictated my thoughts, I then had the freedom to return to my notes and edit them. You can edit directly in Evernote, or transfer you writing to Word, WordPress, or wherever. The point is getting the material out of your head and onto “paper.” The key is bypassing that inner critic and just getting your thoughts out. Truthfully, you can always go back and edit later; there’s no need to edit while you are generating content.

In fact…

This very post was composed on my Evernote app on my Android phone using the Google speech app in my keyboard. Evernote has its own microphone, but I just use the Google’s microphone because it’s more accurate. You can use either in this app.

What’s your favorite?

Do you have a favorite app for writing blog posts? Have you ever used Evernote? If so, what has been your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I didn’t know you could use your microphone to compose your content. Thanks for the tip!

    I finally gave in to Evernote (or Everynote as my husband calls it. He can’t seem to get the name right.) about a month ago. I’m definitely a pen and paper girl, however, you just can’t deny the convenience and organization factor that Evernote brings.

    I find that if I type my post out first, it’s really hard for me to not edit as I go. So when it comes to writing blog posts, I prefer to write everything down on paper ( I don’t have the desire to edit when I do this), and then type and edit them in the WordPress editor.

    1. Hi, Tiffany! Yes, I think the key is to find an effective method of writing that keeps that inner critic from sabotaging your progress. After years of working in a large institution and conforming myself to the voice of that institution, I am rediscovering my own voice in my writing. Using the Evernote app has helped me immensely because I can get my thoughts out quickly without second guessing myself.

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