Early Spring Simplicity Patterns

The new Simplicities just came out. There are actually a few I dig. Here’s my take on some of the new patterns.

Hello, Cleopatra! The top dress looks very Egyptian-inspired. However, I love the view in the top middle. Though it calls for a woven, it might be really nice and comfy in a jersey print or stylish mesh knit.

These pants look very familiar. I guess the major difference is that the pattern is drafted for different body shapes.

I love the jacket in this pattern.

Is anyone else tired of tunics besides me? These two patterns are just rehashes of the same old trend.

I am kind of feeling these tunics though.

This one would be especially cute in sheer fabric.

What do you all think?

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  1. I do like these. Lots of good options for Spring. The Threads pattern does look like Michelle Obama’s dress from The View. I have a feeling we are in for four to eight years worth of MO inspired patterns.

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