rose stamp card

Card Blitz–I’m Feeling the Rose Stamp!

I caught the card making bug and have been compelled to stamp away.

See, this what happens when I make cards–total and utter chaos! LOL! That’s why I don’t do it often. I just get overwhelmed with all the stuff!

This card is for a friend whose birthday is coming up. I copied this right out of the Stampin’ Up catalogue, because I loved it so much. She better like it, ’cause I put A LOT of work into this joker! LOL. Oh, and blender pens rock!

Aren’t these flowers just lush? The rose is my favorite, as you will see.

Again, blender pen to the rescue. It took this card up a few notches from what I was previously going to settle for.

The rose looks nice embossed as well.

It’s nice to have another craft to fall back on when my sewing mojo goes south. I have several projects planned. Dresses galore! Developing…

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