Crochet | Sparkly Purple Fancy Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: Fingerless Gloves Size: One size Hook: D3 (3.25 mm) Yarn: Red Heart Stardust Source: “Under My Thumb Gloves” from Crochet Today (Jan/Feb 2012) These pretty fingerless gloves are yet another long-overdue project I started–over a year ago! My first pair of these amazing fingerless glove are posted here: It’s been so fun getting … Read more Crochet | Sparkly Purple Fancy Fingerless Gloves

Crochet | Downtown Hoodie Review

Pattern: Downtown Hoodie Size: Small Hook: I 9 (5.50 mm) Yarn: Red Heart Boutique Midnight, Serenade, acrylic and wool blend, 4-5 skeins Source: Crochet Today! September/October 2011 This is a quick show-and-tell of a crochet project I have been working on for a while. I finally finished it after a year–yes, a year! The hoodie … Read more Crochet | Downtown Hoodie Review

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress at SiteGround

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress (at SiteGround)

Welcome to the World of WordPress!

If you are reading this post, you are seriously considering getting your own WordPress site! You are in the right place. WordPress is a powerful content management system that will help you develop a polished and professional website, as I detailed in Why I Moved from Blogger to WordPress. If you are ready to take your blogging and online presence to a the next level, continue reading as I walk you through this easy Blogger to WordPress process!

Register Your Domain Name

You can purchase a domain through a registration site of your choice or through your web hosting service. I used SiteGround, which provides a FREE domain name for the length of your account with them.

Be thoughtful and forward-thinking about this part of the process. You want your domain name to be easy to remember and type, while accurately reflecting your site. You might want to come up with a few possible names in case your first choice isn’t available.


Click here to start the process.

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The Lavender Series | Easy Lavender Bath and Foot Soak

Easy Lavender Foot Soak

Here’s a super easy recipe for soothing achy muscles and tired feet. Combine lavender and Epsom salt for a natural healing remedy that will relax all of your aches and pains away. Epsom salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous … Read more The Lavender Series | Easy Lavender Bath and Foot Soak